Corporate social media integration: The best books aren’t about social media

If you’re charged with finding ways to integrate social media into your company’s corporate and marketing communications plans (and I hope you are, rather than just bolting on a few tactics here and there), then you need to read. Read to learn, and to motivate yourself. Because you have tough job. And much of it has little to do with social media tools.

These are two of the books I’ve found most helpful as I practice corporate communications as a social media consultant. (None of these are affiliate links. I just really like these books.) I bought them both and refer back to them when I feel stuck.

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

What I learned:

  • To persuade people, you have to appeal to both the heart and mind (Yes, even in corporations. Step away from the charts and graphs).
  • Keep communications simple. If you want people to do something, give them a clear call the action.
  • If you hit an obstacle, work to figure out the true source.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

What I learned:

Before you can affect any real change, you need the confidence to inspire confidence. And you do that by understanding how people work and responding appropriately. The most powerful lesson for me: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. This is BIG for a talker like me. I’m learning to listen more.

Being a social media consultant in a corporation is as much about inspiring and persuading people as it is about new media communications and technology. Maybe more.

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One Response to Corporate social media integration: The best books aren’t about social media

  1. Hi Lisa –

    I’m a senior at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont – I’m taking a strageic media communciations class this semester and one of our assignments is to interview someone in the PR field. I found your name be looking up PR people to follow on twitter (my handle is ENG3080Rmkeller) who are in the industry and have been enjoying your posts so far. If you have time for a few questions (15 minutes, probably), please let me know. My email address is – or you can find my blog at


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