Is IT playing Whack-a-Mole?

When someone says “IT architecture” I think of CPU towers stacked to make a building, lined with glowing desktop monitors for windows. “IT security” brings to mind little men with big muscles wandering around the network, ready to bounce cyber boogie men. That’s how much I know about IT.

I still think one-off blocking of various social/sharing sites from employee access is a futile game of Whack-a-Mole (hat tip to @JamieSandford for the brilliant imagery). As soon as you eradicate one, another pops up behind you. New platforms are introduced weekly. It’s tough to predict which will catch on. Why not be proactive and figure out how to safely enable employees to enhance their work and career development with these tools instead? Create and maintain a strong infrastructure to support the company, and equip it to thwart cyber attacks.

Communicators can do their part too, by offering up a social media policy and collaborating to create and implement training and education. HR and management need to enforce the policy and any regulatory or compliance guidelines. IT can build in “speed bumps” that pop up reminders when employees access sites that may introduce viruses and such.

Or maybe they just need to stack the CPUs differently…

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2 Responses to Is IT playing Whack-a-Mole?

  1. tom martin says:


    Couldn’t agree more – besides if that employee has a smart phone… he/she is social media capable all day long and there is nothing IT can do about it.

    Kind of like raising kids — you don’t want them to obey you, you want them to want to be good kids.

    See you next week — so looking forward to it.


  2. Ike says:

    The smart-phone thing is the one that gets me.

    “If we make them do it on those TINY SCREENS, they’ll tire and it won’t be a Productivity Issue anymore!”

    But if you let them do it from their PC with the real keyboard, they’ll be done faster and onto other things. (Like, for instance, sharing your company message with their personal networks, or collaborate with other industry leaders in finding solutions…)

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