Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you’re going to push for change in your company, people are going to push back. They’re going to ask questions. Good questions. Some people will openly support you, some will discreetly cheer you on, some will throw up (mostly well-intentioned) roadblocks, most will ignore you.

Get used to it.

People are fearful of change. Uncertainty is scary. And there are many legitimate concerns to address when companies face major changes.

But if you can’t get comfortable with the tension, you’ll ease up on the pressure. And pressure is what makes us bend.

Photo credit: moominmolly via Flickr

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2 Responses to Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

  1. pssaleeby says:

    I’ll take off my jester hat for a moment to comment on this excellent theme of change in the workplace you’ve broached. In fact, you beat me to a post that I was planning about the subject myself.

    In my previous corporate experience, the word “change” always brought shudders to me and my colleagues. But in the end it was rarely about the change itself, but the lack of clarity and communication around it. In short, I think you’re on to something here—it’s that change has to be greeted with an open mind, but open minds are hard to come by without legitimate dialogue. To me, that’s always the key. But it’s also the challenge.

    • Lisa says:

      True enough. Uncertainty is uncomfortable, and good communication alleviates uncertainty. Making the dialogue “legitimate” is tough part, right?

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