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Is IT playing Whack-a-Mole?

When someone says “IT architecture” I think of CPU towers stacked to make a building, lined with glowing desktop monitors for windows. “IT security” brings to mind little men with big muscles wandering around the network, ready to bounce cyber … Continue reading

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Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you’re going to push for change in your company, people are going to push back. They’re going to ask questions. Good questions. Some people will openly support you, some will discreetly cheer you on, some will throw up (mostly … Continue reading

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Forget about gaining your audience’s trust

Social media people (That sounds shady to me. Am I alone?) always talk about “gaining your audience’s trust.” And that’s important. But it skips past an all-important step: gaining your colleagues’ trust. If you’re leading a communications culture shift, you’d … Continue reading

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Taking the shine off social media

Reading¬†Altimeter’s “The Two Career Paths of the Corporate Social Strategist” was like being doused with ice water: “As requests compound, the strategist must build proactive programs now – or be relegated to ongoing cleanup as the social media help desk.” … Continue reading

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The best tools for making corporate social media progress

Donuts. Also:¬†chairs, hallways, sandwiches and coffee mugs. These are the tools you’ll need if you want your corporate communications team to start blogging, your HR group to get on Facebook and the IT guys to start sharing on twitter – … Continue reading

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